About Eckbox

Table of Contents:
The site: Why it is puke-ugly
Eckbox itself:
What eckbox does exactly
How it will improve your life

Why the site is puke-ugly

Basically, I'm not an artist. All I know about web site design is that high contrast is good for readability, extensive use of images and flash usually sucks (see theplayersguild.com for an example). Derek Hinch put a professional look to the site, but I still did not want anything extensive, so there.

What Eckbox does exactly

Eckbox is a program that interprets information input from a van Eck Phreaking device (see hardware page), to find out what image is displayed on a target monitor remotely. Think a cross between a wiretap and shoulder surfing. This is so that you, the security phreak, can find out what works best to keep this attack from being used on you. If you want more info on van Eck Phreaking, I suggest whatis.com, because I don't feel like reiterating everything they've already said.

How Eckbox will improve your life

If you're not a security freak, especially one who uses StegFS and no less than 4096 bit encryption on all your files, eckbox will be useless to you. Eckbox is designed with the security freak in mind, because there is a small risk that even with the latest version of gpg encrypting your message with 4096 bits of randomness, someone could come along and basically shoulder surf (although van Eck Phreaking is somewhat more sophisticated than that) to find out whatever was in the encrypted message. That is where Eckbox comes in.